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The Eyebrow Formula Online Masterclass

Hi, I'm Corinna

Hi, I'm Corinna

I am an award nominated semi permanent makeup artist and Founder of The Brow Lounge.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I train and upskill technicians to improve and master their craft to deliver some of the best brows in the business!


I am excited to share all that I have collected over the years in one complete online course The Eyebrow Formula that is so jam packed it is going to blow you away!  You will not need another course, training program or coach because it literally has everything you need!

Corinna Calori - The Brow Lounge Stevenage

Is The Eyebrow Formula for you?

Watch this video for a sneek peek of what to expect...

Do you...

Struggle with brow mapping and getting them symmetrical?

Have inconsistent healed results?

Not know how to complete a soft ombre'd effect?

Not know how to use your digital machine to create hair strokes?​

Need to learn how to be a boss at social media? 

Want to know how to colour correct old faded and discoloured brows?

Learn what to do at a maintenance visit?

Be better at selecting the right colour?

This is for you!

This course is for qualified Semi Permanent Makeup Artists qualifed on a digital machine.


This course is NOT suitable for beginners.

Powder Brows Corinna Calori The Brow Lounge Stevenage

What do you receive?


Lifetime unlimited access

Lifetime unlimited access to the ultimate Eyebrow Formula online masterclass.


In depth brow mapping tutorials

A thorough guide into how to measure, draw and map out the perfect eyebrows, along with how to tweak the shape to suit your clients face and create your own signature style.


Step by step guides

Step by step guides and videos to master two of the latest iconic techniques in the cosmetic tattoo industry, ombre and combination eyebrows with two live model demonstrations.


Secret weapons

Find out what tools, tricks and tips Corinna uses to create the award winning eyebrows she does.


What to do at a perfection visit

What to do at a perfection visit to ensure perfect eyebrows, happy clients and the longevity of the clients eyebrows.



The most common troubleshooting problems and how to fix them.


Colour theory and guides

Colour theory, what colours to use on different clients and how to correct colours that have gone wrong.


Capture the perfect picture

Learn how to capture the perfect picture and what apps to use to edit it.


Social media blueprint

Master social media with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, tools, videos and tutorials about how to make the most of your social media platform.


On going support

Access to an on going support group to share your work, support other students and interact with Corinna.


Latex practice tasks

Watch step by step videos demonstrating how to complete different styles of eyebrows on latex pads.



Upon successful completion of the course students will receive an internationally recognised certificate.


"Oh my gosh, this is the best training and info I have received thus far. So much information and you are a great teacher! Great teachers are the ones who can execute information in a way that students can comprehend"...

"You have helped put the spark and enthusiasm back into cosmetic tatooing".

"This is the best training and info i have received thus far"

Brow Mapping Corinna Calori
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