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Corinna Calori Tattooing

Wake up Make up

Thanks Corinna what a Beautiful Person a Professional and Definitely a perfectionist, love, love my eyebrows they are Amazing it doesn't hurt and isn't painful at all, I would Recommend Corinna thanks for doing my eyebrow see you next time.

– Marlee M –

Effortless Beauty, Endless Confidence

Achieve lasting radiance with Corinna Calori, renowned cosmetic tattooist. Corinna specialises in ombre brows, hair stroke, powder brows, lip tattooing.

She also offers services in brow laminations, signature wax and tints, Laser tattoo removal (including permanent makeup and body art tattoos) and general brow maintenance.


Authentically Gorgeous

So many women wish for the perfect lips and eyebrows. What if it was possible?


Let Corinna accentuate your most beautiful facial features with her groundbreaking techniques in cosmetic tattooing.


Proficient in ombre brows, powder brows and hair stroke techniques, Corinna applies semi-permanent pigments to the surface layer of the skin, enhancing natural features whilst allowing clients to look flawless every day.

Ombre Brows

Corinna is renowned for her exceptional work on ombre brows. Ombre brows give you a defined eyebrow look.

Hair Stroke

Fine strokes, each representing an individual strand to replace missing hairs for fuller but more natural eyebrows

Powder Brows

A cosmetic tattoo technique that gives clients eyebrows with a soft, gentle appearance all day whilst still looking full and shapely.

Lip Tattooing

Perfect lips 24 hours a day! A safe, pain-free way to ditch lipstick touch-ups permanently.

Bespoke Treatments For You!

True beauty runs deep, but with a delicate touch and an eye for precision, Corinna can transform your eyebrows and lips to harmonise seamlessly with your features.

Say goodbye to the discomfort and hassle of daily makeup routines. Corinna prioritises your comfort and well-being, ensuring each session is a relaxing experience from start to finish.


No tattooing begins until clients are completely satisfied with the intended design.

Meet Corinna

Corinna Calori is a leading award winning UK cosmetic tattoo artist and social media trailblazer whose work on facial aesthetics has been featured in several magazines.


Corinna blends passion, skill and art to give each client a personalised experience.


Since 2016, she has trained globally in all techniques, mastering lip tattooing, hair stroke and ombre brows, lending to her reputation for excellence in permanent makeup.


At Corinna Calori’s Brow Lounge, you will be in the hands of an expert.

What To Expect

Whether you want perfectly shaped eyebrows, fuller lips, or are looking for a way to hide thinning eyebrows, Corinna’s treatments give you stunning results.


Corinna begins with a personalised consultation where every client is listened to and provide expert advice. Together, Corinna and her clients design a look that not only complements the facial features but also accentuates individuality.

Exceptional Expertise

Your Beauty Goals Met

Personalised Approach

The Only Makeup You’ll Ever Need

Experience the precision and care of cosmetic tattooing with renowned eyebrow artist Corinna Calori.


For the effortless look you've always wanted, book today.

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