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Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing Stevenage at The Brow Lounge

Wake Up with Perfect Eyebrows Every Day

My name is Alexa Young

Are you tired of the daily struggle with your eyebrows?

At The Brow Lounge in Stevenage, we understand the challenges you face—from spending precious time drawing your eyebrows each morning to the frustration of having them smudge or wash away. 

Expert in semi-permanent makeup Corinna Calori, offers a transformative solution: permanent eyebrow tattooing designed to give you flawless brows that complement your face without appearing artificial.

What You Gain from Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing

End the Daily Eyebrow Routine

Imagine no longer needing to draw your eyebrows every day. Permanent eyebrow tattooing saves you time and lets you avoid the hassle of maintaining your brows—whatever your day involves.

Consistent Beauty

Our treatments ensure that your eyebrows look perfect, not just for a day but every day. You won't have to worry about sweating them off during a workout or losing shape in the rain.

Economic Advantage

Invest in your eyebrows once, and reduce the ongoing costs of eyebrow makeup. Our permanent solutions mean minimal upkeep, less spent on cosmetics, and more time for you.


Overcome Common Eyebrow Challenges with Expert PMU Solutions


Never Worry About Fading Brows Again

Feel confident all day, every day. Our treatments guarantee that your eyebrows won't fade, smudge, or wash away, no matter the situation.

Reclaim Your Time from Daily Drawing

Gain back your mornings. Clients report significant time savings with permanent eyebrows, freeing up their daily routines for more important activities.

Perfect Your Brow Shape Effortlessly

Corinna's expertise ensures your eyebrows enhance your facial features ideally. Say goodbye to the frustration of drawing and redrawing; welcome lasting beauty.

Achieve Fuller, More Natural-Looking Brows

For those who yearn for fuller, more natural-looking brows, Corinna offers techniques like ombre, hairstroke, and combination brows, tailored to create the appearance of natural or dense eyebrows.

Explore Corinnas Exclusive Eyebrow Tattooing Options

Customised to Your Preferences

Corinna offers a variety of styles:

  • Ombre Eyebrows (£525): Achieve a soft, misty finish that adds depth to your brows.

  • Combination Eyebrows (£525): Blend of hairstroke and shading for a detailed, natural appearance.

  • Hairstroke Eyebrows (£450): Fine, realistic lines that mimic natural hair for understated elegance.

Each treatment involves two sessions to ensure impeccable, enduring results.

Flexible Beauty Investments

We make it easy to invest in your beauty:

  • 30% deposit to secure your booking.

  • Pay the remainder in two interest-free installments during your appointments.

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