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Blade to Machine

Conversion Course

Hi, I'm Corinna

I am an award nominated semi permanent makeup artist and Founder of The Brow Lounge.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I train and upskill qualified technicians to improve and master their craft to deliver some of the best brows in the business!


I am excited to share all that I have collected over the years in one complete online course The Eyebrow Formula that is so jam packed it is going to blow you away!  You will not need another course, training program or coach because it literally has everything you need!


Are you a qualifed microblading artist?

Do you want to train in the digital machine?

If you want to improve your artistic repertoire and learn how to use the digital machine to create mind blowing ombre’s and flawless combination eyebrows then its time you signed up to Corinna's​​ Blade to Machine Conversion Course which will qualify you to do so!!​

Complete online theory ​

Students receive unlimited lifetime access to the online theory Blade to Machine Conversion course.

After registering students will shortly receive a tool box (including a machine and Brow Daddy pigment Kit) in the post, ready to practice and get started!

Students must complete the online theory before their practical assessment days.​

Latex practice examples must be submitted to Corinna before practical assessment days

Attend day 1 practical assessment ​

  • A carefully crafted and thorough morning going through theory and practical

  • Eyebrow drawing practice

  • Latex pad practice

  • Live model demonstration by Corinna

9 - 5pm
Lunch provided
Corinna provides the model ​

Attend 2 days of practical assessments 

  • Under 121 supervision by Corinna students will complete two models

  • Both ombre and combination eyebrows are to be completed

  • Upon successful completion students will receive their ABT accredited certificates

10 - 5pm
Lunch provided
Students to provide their models

29_09_19_Corrina_Pics 00285_LOW_RES_MDB.

What do you receive?


Secret weapons

Find out what tools, tricks and tips Corinna uses to create the award winning eyebrows she does.


What to do at a perfection visit

What to do at a perfection visit to ensure perfect eyebrows, happy clients and the longevity of the clients eyebrows.



The most common troubleshooting problems and how to fix them.


Colour theory and guides

Colour theory, what colours to use on different clients and how to correct colours that have gone wrong.


Capture the perfect picture

Learn how to capture the perfect picture and what apps to use to edit it.


Social media blueprint

Master social media with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, tools, videos and tutorials about how to make the most of your social media platform.


On going support

Access to an on going support group to share your work, support other students and interact with Corinna.


Latex practice tasks

Watch step by step videos demonstrating how to complete different styles of eyebrows on latex pads along with hours of practice whilst at your practical days.



Upon successful completion of the course students will receive an internationally recognised ABT accredited certificate.


Artyst Machine

The new Artyst handpiece & machine, comes with a 12 month warranty. This is the machine Corinna uses to create every piece of work she does! Plus an ongoing discount code for every order!



A box full of Corinna's favourite tools and must haves!

Your toolbox will be equip with enough tools to set you well on your way with clients along with a Brow Daddy pigment kit.


3 x 121 practical days with Corinna

To become an accredited artist you must attend 3 days with Corinna. You will go through theory, observe a procedure & work on two models completing both the ombre & combination brow techniques.


Lifetime unlimited access

Unlimited access to the ultimate Eyebrow Formula online masterclass.


In depth brow mapping tutorials

A thorough guide into how to measure, draw and map out the perfect eyebrows, along with how to tweak the shape to suit your clients face and create your own signature style.


Step by step guides

Step by step guides and videos to master two of the latest iconic techniques in the cosmetic tattoo industry, ombre and combination eyebrows with two live model demonstrations.

​​Before you enrol....

This course is for qualified Semi Permanent Makeup Artists qualifed in Microblading.


This course is NOT suitable for complete beginners.

To sign up...

There are limited spaces available to take part in this training as it is all done on a 121 basis.


If you wish to take part in this training you must email Corinna with details of your experience and copies of your certificates.